The history of polaroid, 1978

The History of Polaroid chronicles the history of this groundbreaking company, their many inventions including Polaroid Land Camera, Model 95, 3-D films, the SX-70 camera, Polavision, and sonar focusing

An Invention that Controls Light

Edwin Land describes the invention that launched Polaroid

The Vectograph

Polaroid developed a type of 3-D photography for use in World War II

A Simple Question, A Big Idea

A question from his daughter sparks Land's big idea

Light Control through Polarization, ca. 1960

The Polaroid Corporation and Loucks and Norling Studio produced this film outlining the many benefits of polarizing materials. The film describes how polarization works and some of the products it made possible, including table lamps, automobile headlights, airplane windows, and cellophane displays. The film also explains how polarized light filters work and how they benefit photographers.

Practical Uses for Polarizers

Polarizing filters made travel safer and more comfortable

Why Use a Polarizing Filter?

Using polarizing filters to improve photographs

A Basic Demonstration

A demonstration of polarizing discs

Annual Christmas Message to Employees of Polaroid Corporation, 1946

At the annual staff Christmas party in 1946, Edwin Land laid out his vision for the Polaroid Corporation as a science-based research and manufacturing company.

Running a Healthy Company

Excerpt from audio recording of Edwin Land's 1946 message to employees of Polaroid.

Featured Spots, 1954–1975

An early advertiser on television, Polaroid featured spots on the late-night talk shows of Steve Allen, Merv Griffin, and Dick Cavett. The famous hosts demonstrated the wonders of the one-minute photo process by taking pictures in front of a live studio audience.

A Celebrity Demo:

Talk show host Steve Allen and Margaret Whiting, a singer of popular American music, demonstrate the magic of the Polaroid Land Camera, Model 95

Bob Casselman Sales Training Film, 1957

Polaroid Corporation Chief Marketing Executive Bob Casselman provides instructions on how to market the Polaroid Land Camera.

Marketing an Innovation

In this silent film, a woman demonstrates how easy it is to load film and take photographs with the Polaroid Land Camera, Model 95.