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HBS alumni may register for a Statista.com Starter account, which includes access and download capabilities to over 1 million market and consumer data sets (.es, .de and .fr access not available). Choose one Dossier report  (compilations of individual statistics) when you create your account.  Statista Client Services will assist you in downloading the Dossier of your choosing, you will not be able to download yourself.

You are allowed 100 downloads per the lifetime of the account after which a commercial account agreement with Statista is required to continue access.   Contact clientservicesUSA@statista.com for details.

Note: Includes access to all premium statistics downloads (.xls, .png, .pdf). Dossiers, Reports and Insights are not included.

To register:

1. Go to https://www.statista.com/register/.

2. Select the Academic (middle) tab. 

3. Fill out your registration info using your HBS email.  You must use this email to establish HBS Alumni access.

4. Click Create Account. Please follow-up on the activation email sent to you upon account creation.

5.  Email clientservicesUSA@statista.com with subject line: Harvard Alumni Account Set-up.

6. Client Services will send an email to you with notification of access and instructions on receiving the Dossier of your choice

Alumni interested in subscribing to the full corporate “Professional Account” are eligible for a discount: one-user license 3,500 USD/annually. Details of the Professional Account can be found here: https://www.statista.com/accounts/ca

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