Service Overview

Designed with and for HBS alumni, Baker for Business (B4B) is a fee-based premium research service that aims to help you explore ideas and opportunities, accelerate new ventures, make better decisions, and conduct more informed conversations. B4B provides access to Baker Library's researchers and many premium databases - it's like having your own research team. The service is a convenient way to conduct research projects any time or to stay informed in a range of activities and interests that matter to you and your organization. 

Delivering topical, industry, company or research  reports and data providing information to act on and insights that might not otherwise be available, our B4B research librarians will stay in close contact to identify your most important information needs.  

We also work with publishers, educators, and others to  develop management education digital information products, including once off reports, community of interest based newsletters, and company, industry, market, and topical updates. We are ready to serve your information needs to please get in touch. Learn more here, or contact us at the address below. 


Baker for Business