Using the Collections

The photograph collections are open to all researchers who are engaged in scholarly research intended for academic distribution.

Planning a Visit

We welcome research requests to use the photograph collections. If you would like to visit to use the photograph collections, please contact Baker Library Historical Collections with your research dates, details on your research topic, and your publication schedule. Reference staff will work with qualified researchers to facilitate their access to the photograph collection.

Checklist for Visitors

Finding Resources

Baker Library Historical Collections maintains numerous tools for locating photograph holdings.

  • Detailed finding aids outlining the contents of individual photograph collections are available in the de Gaspé Beaubien Reading Room and online through Harvard University’s Online Archival Search Information System (OASIS)
  • Digital images for portions of Baker Library Historical Collections’ photograph collections can be viewed through HOLLIS Images, (HOLLIS Images)
  • Up to date MARC catalog records for photograph collections are available through Harvard University Libraries’ online catalog, HOLLIS

For more detailed information and search tips, see the Finding Resources page. If, after using the resources listed in this section you are unable to locate materials, please contact the Baker Library Historical Collections reference staff.

Handling Photographic Materials

  • All photographic materials must be handled with great care. Researchers who mishandle photographic materials will be denied further access to the collections.
  • White cotton gloves must be worn at all times when handling photographs.
  • Support photographs carefully, holding them with both hands at the border edges. If photographs or the material they are mounted on are brittle, support the image with a piece of board beneath to avoid potential damage.
  • Carefully view and turn images one at a time, keeping the photographs in their original order.
  • Photographic materials do not circulate and must be used in the de Gaspé Beaubien Reading Room.
  • Do not take notes on top of the photographs.
  • Do not rest arms or hands on the photographs.
  • Use only clean, acid-free strips of papers as markers.

Duplication Services

To assist scholars with their research, Baker Library Historical Collections offers various photograph duplication services. All requests are subject to review by the reference staff. Staff may recommend or require professional photographic reproduction as an alternative to copying materials to protect the collections.

Images for publication or distribution must be ordered through Baker Library Historical Collections.

Copies of photographs are provided for research purposes only and cannot be reproduced, transferred, published, or posted on the internet without written permission from Baker Library Historical Collections.

Permission to Use

Permission to use or cite images from the photograph collections must be obtained through Baker Library Historical Collections.