Stereograph Collections

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    Beaver Brook Station, ca. 1880.

    Henry Villard Collection

    Mss: 8993 1862–1900 V719
    263 stereographs
    Collection Guide

    The Henry Villard Business Papers includes 263 views by F. Jay Haynes, the official photographer for the Northern Pacific Rail Road. Haynes, whose images were meant to promote the region and encourage further settlement, recorded towns, settlements, new construction, military garrisons, miners, mining villages, farms, Native American settlements, and natural scenery including geysers at Yellowstone National Park and the Alaskan landscape. Stereographs and photographs appear in Series XVIII in the collection guide.

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    Pinion making room, fine watch department, ca. 1900.

    Waltham Watch Co. Collection

    Mss: 598 1854–1929
    52 stereographs

    Founded in the 1850s, Waltham Watch operated a plant in Waltham Massachusetts where millions of precision instruments were produced. The collection includes detailed views of factory interiors and assembly lines.

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    Brooklyn Tower of East River Bridge.
    Stereographs of Industries and Cities, ca. 1850-1900

    Stereographs of Industries and Cities, ca. 1850–1900

    Mss: 1418 1850-1890 S45
    56 stereographs
    Collection Guide

    A small collection of 56 stereographs illustrates a number of industries, cities, and architectural features in three-dimensional views. The images, which come from a variety of sources, are organized by industry and by city.