Mammon: The Money Devil

23 Le Diable d'Argent

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Etching and engraving by unknown artist. Paris, Chez Daumont, [early 18th century].
22.5 x 31.5 cmCF f14 xx
One of the earliest prints of the flying "money devil," who is pursued by people of all trades. Many thematically similar prints were published in Paris and Épinal over the next 150 years. (See 24-26).
24 Le Grand Diable d'Argent Patron de la Finance

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Hand-colored etching by unknown artist. [France, early 19th century].
25.5 x 34.9 cm, imageCF f13 xx
Pour courir au diable d'argent On se donne un mal impayable On se dit partout indigent Tant de monde est insatiable. (Below image)
25 Les Vérités du Jour, ou le Grand Diable d'Argent

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Hand-colored wood engraving. Épinal, Fabrique de Pellerin, [ca. 1840].
29.5 x 49.5 cmCF f11 xxx
An example of one of the hundreds of prints published by the Pellerin firm during the height of its renown as creator of "images populaires."
26 Le Grand Diable d'Argent, Patron de la Finance

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Colored lithograph, signed "J.P. del, C.M. lith." Épinal, Fabrique de Pellerin, [188–?].
20.5 x 32 cmCF f15 x
Below image is a nine-stanza poem, to be sung to the tune of: "J'ai vu partout dans mes voyages; ou La pipe de tabac."
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