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All intellectual content on this site is reproduced from the 1986 Baker Library print publication Coin and Conscience: Popular Views of Money, Credit and Speculation: Sixteenth through Nineteenth Centuries. Catalog of an Exhibition of Prints from the Arnold and S. Bleichroeder Collection, Kress Library of Business and Economics, which was written by Ruth Rogers, then curator of the Kress Library at Baker Library. Ms. Rogers' acknowledgments from that publication are included here:

"I am grateful to Mary Chatfield, Librarian of Baker Library, for supporting the publication of this catalog, and for her valuable editorial assistance.
From my first acquaintance with the Bleichroeder print collection in 1976, to cataloging it, and finally, to publishing selections from it, I have had the steady encouragement of Kenneth E. Carpenter, former curator of the Kress Library. The Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder firm made their generous gift during Mr. Carpenter's tenure, and his subsequent efforts to preserve and publicize the collection were considerable.
In preparing an exhibition of this size, there were numerous logistical and technical problems, which I could not have handled alone. My assistants, Martha Heckman and Richard McNally, typed, checked citations, ordered supplies, cut mats, and suggested a title. Above all, their enthusiasm and sense of humor throughout made our work a pleasure."
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