Love and Money

36 [ Marriage for Wealth Officiated by the Devil ]

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Engraving by Jan Saenredam (1565–1607), after Hendrick Goltzius (1558–1617). [Netherlands, ca. 1600].
23.5 x 16.2 cmCF n7 x
The second of three numbered engravings after Goltzius called the Marriage Trilogy. A devil joins the hands of a couple as she blows a stream of coins and smoke, symbolizing the transience of honor and material possessions.
37 [ Der Liebesantrag—the Ill-Assorted Couple ]

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Engraved contemporary copy, in mirror image, of Albrecht Dürer's engraving by this title. [n.p., original ca. 1495].
14.3 x 13.5 cm, imageCA g49
There is much controversy surrounding both the Dürer original and this copy. The original engraving is one of Dürer's earliest; possibly a depiction of Judah and Tamar (Gen. 38: 14-18), or of Berthold Tucher and Anna Pfinzing of Nürnberg. The copy has been attributed to Marcantonio Raimondi (1480–1534).
38 Ni l'Un ni l'Autre

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Etching (part stipple) by Friedrich Fleischmann (1791–1834), after Jenny Berger (née Desoras). Nürnberg, Published by Fr. Campe, [early 19th century].
33 x 23 cm (oval image)CA g29 xx
A woman is pictured standing between two men, one of whom offers her jewels, the other, money.
39 L'Accord de Mariage

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Engraved and published by René Gaillard (ca. 1719–90), after Charles Eisen (1722–78). Paris, [18th century].
38 x 27 cmCA f24 xx
A man gives a young woman money to seal a marriage agreement.
40 La Double Tentation

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Engraving by Élie Mesnil (or Ménil, b. 1726), after the painting by Frans van Mieris (1635–81). [France? 18th century].
35.5 x 27.5 cmCA f2 xx
"Gravé d'apres le tableau original de même grandeur qui se trouve dans la galerie de S.E.M. le Comte de Brühl, Premier ministre de sa Majesté le Roi de Pologne, Electeur de Saxe." A woman is tempted by an old man who tries to seduce her with money.
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