Biblical and Mythological Scenes

27 [ The Queen of Sheba Bringing Gifts to King Solomon. 1 Kings 10 ]

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Etching by Sisto Badalocchio (1581 or 85–1647). [Rome, 1607].
13.4 x 18 cmCC i1
Plate fifty from Historia del Testamento Vecchio dipinta in Roma nel Vaticano da Raffaelle di Urbino, published by Giovanni Orlandini in Rome, 1607. It was comprised of fifty-one etchings (twenty-three by Badalocchio, the others by Giovanni Lanfranco, 1582–1647) after Raphael's frescos in the loggias of the Vatican.
28 [ The Parable of the Talents. Mt. 25: 14 ]

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Engraving by Lucas van Doetechum (fl. 1559), after Gerhard Paludanus (von Groeningen, fl. 1560–90). Jan Claesz Visscher "excudit." [Netherlands, early 17th century].
20.5 x 28.7 cmCF n6 x
A later state of a print first issued as part of a series of fourteen engravings from the New Testament: Memorabilium, Novi Testamenti . . . Antwerp, exc. Gerard de Jode.
29 [ The Parable of Ananias and Sapphira. Acts 5: 1 ]

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Engraving after Maarten van Heemskerck (1498–1574). Jan Claesz Visscher "excudebat." [Amsterdam, early 17th century].
20.9 x 26.4 cmCC n6 x
Ananias and his wife Sapphira were struck dead for holding back some of their property that was to be communally owned.
30 [ The Apostles Distribute the Money to those in Need. Acts 4: 32-35 ]

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Engraving by Jan (Johannes) Sadeler I (1550–1600), after Marten de Vos (1532–1603). [n.p., ca. 1600].
16.5 x 23.8 cm, imageCC b1
31 [ Christ and the Pharisees with the Tribute Money. Mt. 22 ]

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Engraved and published by Cornelis Galle the Elder (ca. 1576–1650), after Tiziano Vecellio (Titian, 1477–1575). [n.p., early 17th century].
24 x 18.8 cm, imageCC n4 x
32 [ St. Roch Giving Alms to the Poor ]

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Etching by Guido Reni (1572–1642), after the painting by Annibale Carracci (1560–1609). Published by Pietro Stefanoni (b. 1589). [Italy], 1610.
29.3 x 45.5 cmCC i3 xx
St. Roch, born in France, was venerated in Italy for his charity toward the sick and his gift of healing.
33 Le Veau d'Or. Exod. 32

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Etching by Franz Ertinger (1640–1710), after Raymond Lafage (1656–90). "Sculp. Parisium 1683." Published by Gerard Valck, Amsterdam.
46.5 x 31.2 cmCC f7 xxx
Adoration of the golden calf.
34 [ Darius, out of Greed, Orders the Tomb of Queen Nitocris to be Opened ]

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Engraving by Bernard Picart (1673–1733), after Eustache Le Sueur (1617–55). [Amsterdam?] 1725.
36.4 x 22.4 cmCC n8 xx
The French caption below image tells the legend of King Darius, who plundered the tomb of Queen Nitocris for the riches promised within, only to find a corpse and a curse upon his avarice.
35 Danaë

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Engraving by Louis Desplaces (1682–1739), after the painting by Carlo Maratti (1625–1713). [France, 18th century].
30.5 x 38.7 cmCC f9 xxx
Below image: "Tableau du Cabinet de Monsieur de la Faye, Secretaire du Cabinet du Roy." Depiction of the myth of Danaë, who was seduced by Zeus, disguised as a shower of gold.
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