Special Collections and Archives holds an extensive collection of corporate reports representing over 27,000 companies.  This is one of the largest collections of corporate reports in the world, and includes annual reports, prospectuses, proxies, registration statements, and miscellaneous items such as brokerage-house reports, charts, and unpublished corporate histories. These holdings outline the trajectory of U.S. and international companies dating from 1820 to the present.

About Corporate Reports:

Annual corporate reports are among the most valuable documents in understanding the history of a company: its financial situation, its organizational structure, and perhaps most importantly, how the company chooses to present itself to a wide audience. They reflect the evolution of the corporate annual report from a rather small publication consisting of a letter to stockholders signed by the chief executive officer to the elaborate and lengthy publications that characterize today's published annual reports.

Baker Library holds an extensive collection of corporate reports in a variety of formats. Please consult the Corporate Report Research Guide to learn more.

Please contact us to learn about the specific holdings of corporate reports in Special Collections and Archives.