Service Overview

Baker Research & Data Services provides assistance with database identification, creation, and management; data analysis; and data presentation. The services include planning, writing, and troubleshooting code solutions for gathering, processing, and analyzing data using Python, R, SAS, STATA, and Excel. Additionally, we have expertise in statistical methodology, survey design, and qualitative data analysis.

Recent work includes programmatic solutions for:
- name matching (e.g. matching of compensation data from ISS Incentive Lab to BoardEx compensation and demographic data for the same companies)
- bulk data gathering
- data management and analysis (e.g. state-wide effect of minimum wage on self-employment using ACS data)
- survey creation for Institutional data gathering (e.g. survey of MBA students' RC experiences)
- qualitative analysis (e.g. effect of bankruptcy on individuals using bankruptcy text data; sentiment analysis of institutional survey data)