Do market research

  • Conduct market research on a specific topic or segment.
  • Use these resources to identify market size, market share, growth trends, and projections, as well as segment the market and identify market needs.
OPM eBaker Sources:
EMIS (Emerging Market Information Service)

EMIS provides market research reports on a variety of industries on a regional or country level.


Provides background including industry trends, risk, supply chain, forecasts, major players, market share, key ratios, and statistics on a wide range of industries.


Passport includes Euromonitor data on consumer markets and industries globally – with market data on a company and brand level by country and/or region.

Public Web sites:
US Census Bureau

Useful for detecting potential customer base. Find US demographics, household spending, and related trend analysis; local population and their social, educational, and economic status. Also includes latest economic indicators, survey of business owners, and other topics.

Available only in Baker Library:

Available only in Baker Library, please ask a librarian.

Useful for obtaining consumer information such as customer base size, growth of customer markets, national demographic data, and topics related to current consumer preferences. Also includes market research reports. More Info