Analyze an industry

  • Analyze and understand trends, key players, and performance drivers.
  • Note: some resources are organized by industry classification systems such as NAICS codes. For a listing of these, consult the U.S. Census Bureau website. 
OPM eBaker Sources:
Standard & Poor's Net Advantage

Each report provides an overview of trends and forecasts in an industry, major players, market share, and key ratios. The "How to Analyze" section describes the methods of company analysis and key metrics specific to a particular industry.


Generate customized lists of private and public companies worldwide by search criteria such as industry classification code, region or a specific financial measure.


Provides background including industry trends, risk, supply chain, forecasts, major players, market share, key ratios, and statistics on a wide range of industries.


Provides access to quantitative facts by market sector. Statista is a statistics portal that integrates thousands of diverse topics of data and facts from a wide range of sources.

Public Web sites:
Bureau of Economic Analysis

Useful for finding economic data for various industry groups on growth and productivity measures such as GDP. Data provided at the state/regional, national, and international level.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Use this resource to find data to help understand an industry's structure, such as wages, workforce characteristics, and projections.

Additional information is available on industry trade associations as well.