Service Overview

Want to increase the visibility of your research?  Does your journal require you to share the data underlying your article, for reproducibility?  Want your efforts in data collection to have an even greater research impact?  Baker Library staff can help you to share your data. 

Our staff can deposit faculty-produced research data in a secure data repository, so that it is safeguarded, made available for further research, provides credit for your work, and tracks the re-use of your data. Deposits also help you comply with Harvard's policies for data security and retention. We can publish your data at the time of your choosing.

HBS faculty have multiple data repository options for sharing.  Baker Library will do the deposit for you, including:     

  • Help you select the best repository for your needs
  • Help you consider what data can be shared
  • Advise on preparing data and documentation
  • Liaise with the data repository
  • Deposit the files
  • Create repository metadata 

Contact us for a consultation to discuss your individual needs. 

Data repository options: 

  1. HBS Dataverse: Run by Harvard, with a collection specifically for HBS-produced data.
  2. ICPSR: Full-service data archive with a commitment to long-term preservation.  Expert in managing and providing restricted access to sensitive data.
  3. Journal-Approved Repositories: Journals increasingly require or encourage authors to share the data underlying articles.  Your journal may designate approved repositories in which authors can deposit, or even establish a dedicated collection.
  4. And more...We can help you to navigate the many possible repositories worldwide to pick the one that’s best for you.