We advance the intellectual ambition of HBS faculty and doctoral students by providing leading-edge services at every stage of the research lifecycle. 

Our team of highly-experienced business researchers and data specialists assist HBS faculty, RAs, and doctoral students with planning, organizing, and executing their research; acquiring and licensing content; cleaning, merging, and analyzing data; conducting literature searches; mining Baker Library collections and databases; and more.

Alex Caracuzzo, Senior Manager
acaracuzzo@hbs.edu | 617.495.2492
Contact: data-licensing@hbs.edu
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Our team is located in Baker Library | Bloomberg Center 130, a space that also houses research workstations with specialized software for faculty, RAs, and doctoral students. Resources include:  ABBYY FineReader, ArcGIS, CapitalIQ Plug-In, Crunchbase Premium, Morningstar Direct, SAS, SDS Platinum, StataMP, StatTransfer, Visio, and more.


Photograph of Alex Caracuzzo

Alex Caracuzzo, Senior Manager
acaracuzzo@hbs.edu | 617.495.2492 
Areas of Expertise: information research leadership, data sourcing, compiling text corpora for analysis, literature searching, fact checking and background information.




Chelsea Barrett, Research Data Acquisition Specialist
chbarrett@hbs.edu | 617.496.6392
Areas of Expertise: data licensing and vendor relationships, data sourcing and access.



Photograph of Jen Beauregard

Jen Beauregard, Information Research Specialist
jbeauregard@hbs.edu | 617.495.6048
Areas of Expertise: financial databases (i.e Bloomberg, Crunchbase, Pitchbook, LSEG, Morningstar, FactSet, Datastream, SDC Platinum), data gathering, literature searching, fact checking and background information, class preparation, case updates.



Photograph of Patrick Clapp

Patrick Clapp, Information Research Specialist
pclapp@hbs.edu | 617.495.6682
Areas of Expertise: R, SAS, SQL, Excel, data wrangling, patent research, data visualization, knowledge management, and GIS.




Daniel Magoubi, Information Research Specialist
dmangoubi@hbs.edu | 617.384.0646
Areas of Expertise: Data wrangling, analysis and visualizations using R, STATA, and SQL; economic and financial databases (CapitalIQ, LSEG, etc.), literature searches using various library tools, fact checking and background information.



Photograph of Kathleen Ryan

Kathleen Ryan, Information Research Specialist
kryan@hbs.edu | 617.495.6602
Areas of Expertise: Financial databases (Capital IQ, Bloomberg, LSEG, etc.), company histories, literature searching, data gathering, fact checking and background information, training programs for Research Associates and Global Research Center staff.


Photograph of Rhys Sevier

Rhys Sevier, Information Research Specialist
rsevier@hbs.edu | 617.495.6899
Areas of Expertise: Financial databases (Capital IQ, Bloomberg, LSEG, etc.), data gathering, citation management tools (including Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley and others), Copyright First Responder (questions regarding copyright and fair use), literature searching, fact checking and background information.



Photograph of Inku Subedi

Inku Subedi, Information Research Specialist
isubedi@hbs.edu | 617.496.0414
Areas of Expertise: quantitative research including database management and statistical analysis using STATA, SAS, SPSS; qualitative analysis using NVIVO; survey design and creation of institutional data using Qualtrics; domestic and international demographic datasets like ACS, Census, CPS, AHS, DHS, ILL, Gallup; economic and financial databases; literature searches using various library tools.