Explore trends and disruptors

  • Explore current social, economic, and industry trends in the business environment, and identify sources of disruptive change to inspire innovation.
  • Searches in article databases are an important part of business research because not all information comes in pre-packaged reports. They can be an excellent way to pick up information outside the radar.
  • Search in the Factiva and ABI/Proquest article databases on your choice of topics such as technologies (e.g., Web 2.0 or Nanotechnology), a breakthrough product that has been announced, or a trend (e.g., Consumer-Driven Health Care or Green Energy). You can also search on the name of a company that is leading breakthrough innovation.
OPM eBaker Sources:

Use Factiva to search articles to find information about current business trends. Search on topics that are driving radical change in your business environment.


Good for finding articles and more in-depth coverage of conditions and trends in the business environment, technological changes, industry outlook, and forecasts.

Public Web sites:
Trade Show News Network

Learn about who is exhibiting at trade shows or presenting at conferences and what topics are being discussed. Trade shows are often sponsored by industry trade associations and are a useful place to learn about trends.