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List of Deals

Cook Paint and Varnish Company was created in 1927. The company's principal offices were located in North Kansas City, Missouri.

The company's business was the manufacture and sale of paints, varnishes, enamels, lacquers, synthetic resins used in the manufacture of enamels, shellacs, inks, stains, putty, polishes, waxes, and allied products. The company also purchased, for resale, painting tools and supplies, wallpaper and wallpapering supplies, glass, artists' materials, and other similar merchandise. The major portion of the company's products was sold in the Midwest.

In 1930 Cook Paint and Varnish purchased radio WHB. WHB Broadcasting Company then became a subsidiary that operated radio station WHB, a commercial broadcasting station located in Kansas City, Missouri, and licensed by the Federal Communications Commission for operation during the daytime hours. The products of the company were advertised through this station. In 1943 WHB and Cook Paint and Varnish launched Swing magazine. This magazine was an advertising tool for WHB and each cover featured a photo of a "Swing girl."

In 1954 the company bought KMBC-AM and KMBC-TV with the FCC's approval. The same year, Cook sold WHB to Mid-Continent Broadcasting Company.

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