Using the Deal Books

The deal books are a large and important component of the collection. They range in date from 1925 to 1986, with the bulk dating from 1960 through 1979. The companies represented in the deal books are extremely diverse, from small companies that survived only a few years to Fortune 500 companies that still exist today. A wide variety of industries are documented in the investment deals, illustrating the impact of new technology on American business and the development of such industries as commercial aviation, radio, television, motion pictures, and electronics. A particular area of expertise for Lehman Brothers was the retail industry and the many deal books from major department stores and retailing enterprises reflect the growth of this investment trend in the twentieth century.

Researchers can browse the Lehman Brothers deal books by one of three points of access: the date of the deal, the company name at the time of the deal, or industry type.

Each set of browse results provides access to one or more company pages. Each company page includes a link to a short company history and summaries of all the deals associated with that company.

It is important to note that the company history is limited to the timeframe during which that company is represented in the deal books. In addition, the company name included in the indexes is the name at the time of the deal.

Deal summaries include details such as the date and type of transaction, location of the company, and the names of directors and officers at the time of the deal.

Deal Book Collection

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