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Brockton Edison Company was incorporated on March 22, 1883, in Massachusetts. Its business was the generation, purchase, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity and, incidentally, the sale of electric appliances. The company conducted all of its business within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with the principal communities served being Brockton and neighboring towns south of Boston. In 1957 there was no competition from other electric utilities within the territory served by the company.

The company was a member of the holding company system of Eastern Utilities Associates (EUA System). The EUA System consisted of Eastern Utilities Associates (EUA), a Massachusetts voluntary association and a registered holding company under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, and its directly owned subsidiaries, Blackstone Valley Gas and Electric Company, a Rhode Island gas and electric utility company; Fall River Electric Light Company, a Massachusetts electric utility company; and Brockton Edison Company (said three companies collectively referred to as the "Owner Companies").

During the twelve months ending July 31, 1957, 53 percent of the electric revenues were derived from residential sales, 21.7 percent from commercial sales, 19.2 percent from industrial sales, and 6.1 percent from other sales including sales to three utilities. The company had an employee base of 433 employees, 45 percent of whom had been in service of the company for more than twenty years.

Edison selected Brockton, Massachusetts and Sunbury, Pennsylvania, as the two towns for the trial of his "three wire system" invention, arguably recognized as one of the most valuable inventions in the history of the lighting art. Of the two towns, Brockton required the larger plant, but with the conductors placed underground. It was the first to complete its arrangements and close its contract and the third central power station in the country that opened under the supervision of Thomas Edison. By December 1883 Edison and Brockton town officials had worked out the details that led to the world's first agreement to construct a three-wire station.

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