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Associated Dry Goods Credit Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Associated Dry Goods Corporation, was formed in the state of Delaware in 1969. The company was formed to provide the financing of certain customer receivables that came out of the retail department store business of Associated Dry Goods Corporation.

Associated Dry Goods Corporation was a large retail merchandising organization that operated department store divisions across the nation and a discount store division in the Midwest; some of the divisions were wholly owned subsidiaries. Associated sold a wide assortment of merchandise, including men's, women's, and children's ready-to-wear apparel and accessories, home furnishings, appliances, house wares, and other related merchandise, principally in the medium- to higher-price lines. Purchases were limited to thirty-day customer receivables. The Credit Corporation purchased customer receivables from and made advances to the retail merchandising Associated Dry Goods Corporation.

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