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The Dreyfus Corporation was established in 1951 and headquartered in New York City. Dreyfus went on to become one of the nation's leading mutual fund companies.

The Dreyfus Corporation acts as manager and underwriter of the Dreyfus Fund, Inc., a fully managed open-end investment company. The primary objective of the fund is growth of capital and growth of income. The corporation manages the fund and distributes shares of the fund through selected securities dealers under a number of plans designed to appeal to a broad range of investors. The corporation conducted extensive advertising and sales promotion for the fund and in 1957 became the first mutual fund company to launch a retail advertising campaign. Through such promotion the "Dreyfus Lion," a registered mark of the fund, symbolized strength, confidence, and reliability.

The management of the corporation believed that furnishing management services to the fund provided a higher margin of profit to the corporation than did the distribution of fund shares and programs. In 1964 and in the first six months of 1965, management fees accounted for approximately 56 percent of total revenue of the corporation from management distribution services.

As of 1955 the corporation acted as sponsor and exclusive distributor of the Dreyfus Investment Program, a unit investment trust that invests solely in shares of the fund. Under the program investors were able to make periodic payments over a number of years or make a single lump-sum payment.

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