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Discovery platform for materials and resources available in the Harvard University libraries.

Start your search using HOLLIS, the Harvard Library's discovery platform.  See HOLLIS Quicktips  for search strategies. Note: although HOLLIS searches within several major databases, many Baker databases do not feed into HOLLIS. 

Still can't find it?

If you can't find it in HOLLIS, try the following options:

Get It (& Interlibrary Loan)

Harvard Library tools and services that facilitate the access & delivery of books and articles from Harvard libraries and interlibrary loan (borrowing from other libraries).

Suggest a Book for Library Purchase

Would you like to use something that isn’t already in the Harvard Library collection? Let us know and we will consider purchasing it for Baker Library.  Either way, we will get back to you.

Harvard Depository Book Request

Harvard affiliates and visitors may request items from Baker Library Contemporary Collections that are stored offsite at the Harvard Depository using our HD Request Form. These materials are for use in-library only in the Stamps Reading Room.

To recall material from Baker Library’s Special Collections, please contact them directly.

If you're looking to get an HBS case, use the HBS Case request form:

HBS Case Requests

HBS MBA, doctoral and cross-registered students can request cases and background notes written by HBS faculty via the Baker Library Case Request Service. The request process is fast and easy; most cases arrive in your inbox within 1 working day.

Top Business Journals

Frequently Used Business Publications

Listing of the best online versions of the most used business journals.

Quicklinks for HBS Faculty & Proxies

How to get materials for HBS faculty.

Proxy Accounts

If you are an HBS Research Assistant or Faculty Support Specialist, you can set up a proxy account to borrow library material on behalf of your faculty member.

Faculty Purchase Requests

Baker staff is committed to providing timely acquisition of books, subscriptions, and other materials for faculty and staff research and office collections.

Article databases and ejournal platforms

Business & Management Article Databases:


Articles from over 1,000 academic management, marketing, and general business journals. Alumni version available via eBaker. 

Business Source Complete

Articles from academic journals, magazines, and trade publications, as well as current company, industry and region reports.

Or consult our Fast Answer which compares several article databases.
eJournal Platforms:

Researchers sometimes get better results by searching directly in specific ejournal platforms. However, the results will be limited to that publisher and Harvard may not have access to all the titles on the platform. 

Below are the most frequently used ejournal platforms at HBS:


Scanned images of journal issues and pages, often dating back to the original issue. Link to alumni version available via eBaker

SAGE Journals

Cross-disciplinary collection of journals covering health sciences, social sciences & humanities, materials sciences & engineering, and life & biomedical sciences.


Collection of full-text articles covering health sciences, life sceinces, physical sciences and engineering, social sciences and humanities. 

Wiley Online Library

Multidisciplinary collection of journals covering life sciences, social sciences and humanities. Includes a collection of journals focusing on Business, Economics, and Finance & Accounting.