Service Overview

Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) allows Baker Library to provide cases to students, as a courtesy to support student learning.  This service is an added benefit based on a service agreement with HBP. 


Students currently registered in an HBS MBA or Doctoral class may request cases to assist in their individual academic or career research.  These cases will be provided free of charge:

  • HBS Cases with no letter designation
  • HBS Cases with (A) designation (i.e., not (B), (C), etc.)
  • HBS Background Notes
  • HBS Case Flash Forward
  • HBS Supplements

Cases and other course materials outside of the scope of this service will not be provided by Baker Library. Some out of scope cases may be available for purchase through the Harvard Business Review Store. Materials ineligible for request include: 

  • Non-HBS cases
  • Cases with any letter designation other than (A)
  • Core curriculum
  • Module Notes
  • Retired cases
  • Teaching notes
  • Articles, including HBR publications 
  • Material in any non-PDF file format


  • Cases may be used only for individual academic or career research.
  • Limit of 100 cases provided per student, per academic year
    • RCs: RC START week until RC START week following year (late August) 
    • ECs: RC START week through last EC exam following year (late April)
  • Case request limit does not carry over from RC year to EC year.
  • Students monitor their number of requests.
  • Sharing or distributing any portion of cases in any format is prohibited.
  • Each eligible student must make their own requests one at a time for their own use, even if working in a group.

Identify Eligible Cases

  1. Search the Faculty Research Page by keyword.


  1. Search HBP Cases catalog by keyword.
  2. Filter by Source: Harvard Business School or search within these eligible cases
  3. Filter by Content Type:  Case - Main Case, Background Note, Supplement, or Case Flash Forward. (NOTE: Other types of cases may be purchased at the Harvard Business Review Store.)



Alternatives for Locating Cases