Service Overview


We provide students registered in an HBS MBA or Doctoral class with:

  • HBS Cases with no letter designation
  • HBS Cases with (A) designation
  • HBS Background Notes
  • HBS Case Flash Forward
  • HBS Supplements

We cannot provide:

  • Non-HBS cases
  • Cases with a letter designation other than (A)
  • Core curriculum
  • Module Notes
  • Retired cases
  • Teaching notes
  • Articles, including Harvard Business Review
  • Material in non-PDF file format


  • You may request 100 cases per academic year:
    • RCs: RC START week through RC START week following year (late August)
    • ECs: RC START week through last EC exam (late April with exception for MBA Class of 2024 in job search/interview preparation only through August 1, 2024)
  • Limits do not carry over from RC year to EC year
  • You are responsible for keeping track of how many cases you have ordered
  • You may not share or distribute any portion of cases
  • You may not request cases on behalf of others, even other eligible students.
  • You must request one case at a time

How to Find Cases

  1. Search HBP Cases catalog by keyword
  2. Filter by Source: Harvard Business School
  3. Filter by Content Type:  Case, Note, Supplement, or Case Flash Forward




Where Else You Can Find Cases