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Baker Library owns a collection of books specifically on the Black experience and racial equity. The collection was founded by recent alumna Cathy Chukwulebe (MBA 2021) and a small team of dedicated experts who wanted to empower communities to have deep, informed conversations about racism—and resilience. The collection draws from a wide range of genres (fiction and nonfiction) and is aimed at all audiences (young children, teens, and adults). We invite you to browse all of the available material.


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Visit the collection in the Stamps Reading Room on the 3rd floor of Baker Library. Can't make it into the library? See a video highlighting the Little Black Library.

Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections and Archives collects and makes available the records of business dating from the 14th century to the present and the records of the Harvard Business School since its founding in 1908.

Agents of Change: The Founding and Impact of the African-American Student Union


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Agents of Change examines the African American experience at HBS from 1915 to 1990. The exhibition focuses on the establishment and subsequent impact of the African-American Student Union on the African American community at HBS and on the School itself—and honors the years of groundbreaking contributions of Black alumni and faculty.

Working Knowledge

HBS Working Knowledge distills the latest faculty research into practical insights for leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents. Stay up-to-date by signing up for the Working Knowledge Newsletter.



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In Empowering Black Voters, Did a Landmark Law Stir White Angst?

The Voting Rights Act dramatically increased Black participation in US elections—until worried white Americans mobilized in response. Research by Marco Tabellini illustrates the power of a political backlash.

Black Employees Not Only Earn Less, But Deal with Bad Bosses and Poor Conditions

More than 900,000 reviews highlight broad racial disparities in the American working experience. Beyond pay inequities, research by Letian Zhang shows how Black employees are less likely to work at companies known for positive cultures or work-life balance.

The Color of Private Equity: Quantifying the Bias Black Investors Face

Prejudice persists in private equity, despite efforts to expand racial diversity in finance. Research by Josh Lerner sizes up the fundraising challenges and performance double standards that Black and Hispanic investors confront while trying to support other ventures—often minority-owned businesses.


Baker, Mindfulness, and Advancing Racial Equity

Zee Clarke—an HBS alum who went from leading teams at Fortune 500 companies to teaching mindfulness and breathwork to people of color—recently led a workshop for Baker Library staff on furthering awareness about race, ethnicity, and “otherness”.

Baker and its staff are committed to advancing racial equity, and Clarke's workshop gave greater clarity on the stress and anxiety that people of color face as a result of microaggressions, stereotypes, and other race-related challenges. 

Many example situations and breathing techniques from Clarke's workshop are in her book, Black People Breathe: A Mindfulness Guide to Racial Healing, which is available to the entire Harvard community to read via the library catalog, HOLLIS, as either a physical book or an eBook


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HBS Cases and Faculty Research

HBS Cases with Protagonists of Color

Find HBS cases where the protagonists are people of color. To request these cases, please consult the library's case request page

Faculty Research on Race and Ethnicity

Discover faculty research being done on race and ethnicity.