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The Mogul Corporation was incorporated in Ohio in 1915 and operated under the name North American Mogul Corporation until January 1968, when the name was changed to Mogul Corporation.

In May 1968 Mogul acquired A.R. Schmidt Company and A.R.S. Serum Company, both Madison, Wisconsin, producers of rodents and prepared bacteriological media.

By 1968 Mogul was engaged in the production and sale of products and services in the industrial, commercial, and institutional water treatment, biomedical research, institutional water treatment, and veterinary fields, as well as providing laboratory services to hospitals and medical centers.

Mogul Corporation earned $886,738 on sales of $13.3 million in 1968, up from $253,429 on sales of $4.1 million in 1963. In 1968 the company employed 785.

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