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The G. Krueger Brewing Company was founded by Gottfried Krueger, who came to Newark, New Jersey, from Germany at age sixteen. At the age of twenty-seven he opened his own brewery after a long apprenticeship. The company was known by several names: Hill & Krueger, Gottfried Krueger, Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company, and Krueger Beverage Company. In 1899 it was incorporated as the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company.

Krueger Brewing produced and sold beer, ale, stout, and porter under the trade names Krueger's Finest, Krueger's Special, Kant, Boar's Head, Lord Essex, and Old Surrey. It holds the distinction of being the first brewery in the world to pack beer and ale in cans.

For much of its history, Krueger was a privately held corporation. In April 1933 a group of financiers incorporated the G. Krueger Brewing Company in Delaware. It acquired, in exchange for 200,000 shares of its stock and $100,000, the plant, equipment, and other assets of Gottfried Krueger Brewing. Shortly thereafter, in June 1933, the company stock was admitted for trading on the New York Curb Exchange.

By 1933 Krueger Brewing owned a plant in Newark, New Jersey, that consisted of a brewery and bottling plant located on 2½ acres and that contained over 219,000 square feet of floor space. The capacity of this plant in 1933 was 350,000 barrels per year, and the company employed 233.

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