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Cook United, Inc., was created in Ohio in 1925 and maintained its principal offices in Maple Heights, Ohio. Prior to April 1969, the company was known as Cook Coffee Company.

Cook United, Inc., was in the business of operating supermarkets and discount department stores located in various parts of the country, primarily in the Midwest. With the retail food and grocery business, the company also operated a bakery, a dairy, a snack foods plant, and an egg farm and processing plant. The company operated the specialty departments in order to maintain and control the quality of certain perishable goods. Discount drug stores and a wholesale hardware and sporting goods business were also parts of the company's business.

The company's conventional, self-service supermarkets, located primarily in the Greater Cleveland area, operated under the name "Pick-N-Pay." The company offered Eagle Stamps in all of the greater Cleveland stores and was the only supermarket chain that distributed these stamps in the area. Eagle Stamps were redeemable for certain merchandise in May Company department stores in Cleveland. In 1972 Cook United sold 57 Pick-N-Pay supermarkets and related assets to Julie Kravitz Supermarkets, Inc., headed by Julie Kravitz, a retired supermarket executive.

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