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Camco was formed in 1946 to commercialize gas lift systems as a new way to increase production from oil wells. Camco became an industry leader in remote and technically demanding oil fields where its technology, products, and services made it possible for customers to lower their exploration and production costs. Gas lift and wireline services accounted for substantially all of its business until 1963, when it began to diversify.

The company pursued an active acquisition and diversification program throughout the 1960s, which involved extending its operations into Mexico, Russia, Singapore, and Venezuela. Camco also began manufacturing and marketing other products, such as electronic and electro-mechanical instruments used for process control and automation. The company also developed both analog-flow measurement computers and process digital computers. In 1963 Camco entered the field of manufacturing packers, which enabled the company to furnish complete subsurface well-completion equipment and complement its gas lift sales and service.

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