Begin your research using one of the databases below that cover a wide range public policy topics, or select another section of this guide to explore topic-specific resources. 

CQ Researcher

Comprehensive coverage of most topics taught in this course.

Economic Policy Institute

Conducts research and analysis on the economic status of low and middle-income Americans. Research topics include: education, health, immigration, jobs and unemployment.

Google Scholar

Scholarly and academic material.  Use Google Scholar from our web site to facilitate access to Harvard licensed material.


PolicyFile covers domestic and international public policy issues. The public policy reports and studies are published by think tanks, university research programs, research organizations.

ProQuest Congressional

Overviews on a range of public policy topics available through CRS (Congressional Research Service) Reports. Start by selecting "Search for CRS Reports" and then enter keywords and limit by date.

Climate Change

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

Overviews, facts, and figures relating to climate change. Also includes information on the impact of climate change on businesses.


A free resource that provides maps, data, news, and analysis about climate change.

EIA: Environment

Data, trends, and analysis covering the impact of climate change on the US.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

A joint organization formed by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Meteorological Organization to assess the environmental and economic impact of climate change.  The IPCC prepares comprehensive Assessment Reports of scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant for the understanding of human induced climate change, potential impacts of climate change and options for mitigation and adaptation.


Academic Search Premier

Multi-disciplinary database that covers a comprehensive collection of education journals and publications.

National Center for Education Statistics

Wide collection of education data and reports for the United States.

National Education Association

Education statistics, issues, policy information, and publications.

U.S. Department of Education: State Contacts

Education policy decisions in the US are typically made at the state level; this site provides you with a list of policy makers for all US States and territories.



Harvard Library Immigration Research Guide

Provides recommendations for news, data, journals and free web resources focusing on immigration.

Migration Data Hub

Maps, data and reports on global immigration. Also provide state-level census data for the United States.

New Space

Space Report Online

Data on space economy, space investment, space workforce, space infrastructure and more.

NASA: Technology

Includes coverage on topics such as space tech transfer, manufacturing and materials, space travel, robotics, instruments, and communications.


A free online resource that covers "the business and politics of the global space industry." The publication offers a series of newsletters on a variety of topics delivered daily or weekly.

Patent Protection

Inventor Handbook

Published by the Lemelson- MIT Program, a great collection of FAQ's covering a range of topics of interest to inventors and entrepreneurs.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: Patent Process Overview

An overview of the US patent application and maintenance process.


Complete patent search database with advanced analytics.

Race Relations

ACLU Racial Justice Program

The American Civil Liberties Union publishes reports, articles, and blog posts on many racial justice issues, including race and criminal justice, race and economic justice, and race and inequality in education.

American Race Relations: Global Perspectives 1941-1996

Sourced from the CIA archives, a comprehensive collection of racial justice primary research materials. 


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People provides a great collection of reports and news on racial justice issues. See the "Advocacy and Issues" section of the site to search by topic.

Pew Research Center: Race and Ethnicity

Data and analysis on a range of topics including discrimination and prejudice and social values.


UnidosUS maintains a repository of publications focusing on a range of subjects including the Latino Jobs Report, Investing in the Health of Latino Children and the State of Hispanic America.

U.S. Healthcare System

Health Business Fulltext Elite

Journal articles on all non-clinical aspects of health care management.

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Research covering a range of health policy topics including health costs, reform and disparities in care.



PolicyFile covers domestic and international public policy issues. The public policy reports and studies are published by think tanks, university research programs, research organizations.

Select "Search" and use the "Subjects list" to limit your result to taxation documents .

Tax Foundation

A research think tank providing research and analysis at the local, state and federal level .

Tax Policy Center (TPC)

A research center focusing on tax, budget and social policy issues. Tax Facts is a great one-stop source for tax data from a wide range of organizations including the CBO, IRS, Department of Treasury and OECD.