Alternative Investments: A Primer for Investment Professionals

An overview of alternative investments for institutional asset allocators and other overseers of portfolios containing both traditional and alternative assets, including hedge funds. 

Guide to the Language of the Futures Industry

Many of the terms included in this glossary by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are used in the hedge fund sector.


Industry research reports for select US states, UK, Australia, Canada, and China.

Report titled Private Equity, Hedge Funds & Investment Vehicles in the US

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Fast Answers: Hedge Funds

A primer from the SEC on hedge funds for the investor considering this type of investment.

Analysis, Funds and Indexes


Financial data on equities, indices, currencies, commodities and futures.

For hedge fund information, type "HFND," then press the green GO key.


Financial data analysis platform to analyze data from global equity and fixed income markets.

Includes some data on hedge funds.

Hedge Fund Index

The Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance provides a list of indexes following different hedging strategies and methodologies in tracking the market. Many sites require free registration to view and/or download data. Links to other resources also are provided.

Morningstar Direct

Multi-currency research platform that provides performance and holdings analyses of investments.

Screen for hedge funds by strategy, performance, size, and other criteria. From the menu, choose "New," then "Advanced Search," then "Hedge Fund." To screen by strategy, search by "Morningstar Category."


Provides access to information on private equity and venture capital companies, funds, and deals.

Preqin's hedge fund products and services provide a complete 360 degree view of the industry, including institutional investors' plans for hedge fund investments, fund performance, fund strategies, fund managers and fund terms.

Careers, Associations and Events

Alternative Investment Management Association

Online content and journal track global industry performance, regulatory developments, best practices, and trends.


Financial data on equities, indices, currencies, commodities and futures.

Search for jobs in the financial sector by title and geographic location. Type "JOBS" and hit GO.


Investment professional positions from analyst to general partner in private equity, leveraged buyout, venture capital, hedge fund and asset management firms. Jobs in all parts of the U.S., Canada, and in major cities in Europe and Asia. (Registration required)

Hedge Fund Association

International nonprofit association of hedge fund managers, service providers, and investors. Web site includes articles and information on the hedge fund industry.

Hedge Fund Marketing Association

Resource for hedge fund investors, managers, and marketers. They also provide a list of industry event and conference calendars

Managed Funds Association

Association for investment managers in hedge funds, futures, and other alternative investments. Provides information about hedge funds, regulations and the industry response to them, and events. Some information is restricted to members.


In-depth industry guides including internship information, career advice and user-generated content on companies and career issues.

Hedge Funds: search Hedge Funds and find the most recent Vault Guide. 

News and Journals


PMR Journals (Portfolio Management Research)

Full-text issues (current and archival) of quarterly publications covering research on global investment and finance.

Includes Journal of Alternative Investments, the official publication of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA), and a leading source of new research and analysis in the field of alternative investments. Follow the "Journals" link.

Journal of Alternative Investment

Official publication of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association; expert analysis on managing alternative investments.