Industry and Market Research

Beer Handbook

Ref. HD 9397.U5 J62 in the Stamps Reading Room
Provides statistics on beer consumption by brand, category and U.S. states and select international statistics. (Formerly Adams Beer Handbook)

Fact Book: Statistical Yearbook of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Ref. HD 9348.A1 F33 in the Stamps Reading Room.
Statistics and trend analysis on non-alcoholic beverages in the U.S. and select international markets.

Food Industry Review

CD-ROM in the Stacks Media Collection.
Provides detailed statistics on all aspects of food, including consumption, preferences, shopping, retail sales, market share, price indexes, restaurants, and household expenditures for the U.S.


Industry research reports for select US states, UK, Australia, Canada, and China.

Liquor handbook

Ref. HD9352 .L5 in the Stamps Reading Room
Provides information and statistics on the liquor industry, including consumption, sales, trade, advertising, and demographics for the U.S. (Formerly Adams Liquor Handbook)

Includes reports on many aspects of the food and beverage industry.

Mintel Reports

U.S. consumer market studies and primary and secondary data analysis for topics including food, beverage, apparel, beauty, retail, and travel.

Strong in food and beverage industries including food retail.


Market research reports on consumer products and industries worldwide from Euromonitor International.

Provides statistics, market reports, and demographic information for food and beverage markets.

BCC Research

Global reports on economic, scientific, and technological developments.

Provides market reports on numerous segments of the food industry including, food additives, organic food and beverages, and  probiotics

Wine Handbook

Ref. HD 9372 .W5 in the Stamps Reading Room.
Includes data on sales of leading domestic and imported brands, advertising expenditures by company and brand and supplier performance as well.


BMC Beverage Company Database

Ref. HD 9348.U5 B65 in the Stamps Reading Room.
Directory of the beverage industry in the U.S. and Canada. Includes contact information and company descriptions.


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Careers, Associations and Events

American Beverage Association

Trade association of non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers. Web site includes list of who makes what and industry resources.

Consumer Brand Association

Focus is on scientific and public policy issues involving food safety, food security, nutrition, technical and regulatory matters, and consumer affairs. See the Publications area for industry reports. Includes a Career Center.

Food and Drink Federation

Food and drink manufacturing association with industry statistics, trends, and agricultural prices in the UK.

Food Marketing Institute

Provides food industry newsletters, magazines, consumer information, and event listings with some areas limited to members.

International Food Policy Research Institute

The IFPRI provides access to research and data on hunger and poverty. Specific research topics include food prices, globalization, markets, and trade.


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News and Journals

Beverage Industry

For beverage producers, bottlers, and distributors with an emphasis on marketing, technology, and distribution activities. Contains surveys, rankings, statistics, and trends. The website includes full text of articles, daily news feed, special reports and industry links.

Dairy Foods

Trade journal for the dairy industry. The website includes the annual Dairy 100 and articles on market trends.

Food Processing

The website includes the full text of current and past issues, special reports and industry news.

Market Watch

Trends, new products, promotions, technologies, and upcoming events in the alcoholic beverage industry. Annual May issue, "Hot Brands" ranks wine, beer, and liquor by sales.

Prepared Foods

Current trends in the U.S. packaged food and beverage industries. The website includes full text of articles, daily news feed, special reports, and industry links.

Progressive Grocer

Reports on grocery management, store development, technology, marketing, logistics, international retailing, human resources, and consumer purchasing patterns. The website has industry news and links, and the full text of articles from the current and back issues.

Supermarket News

News on the grocery and food retail industry.