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WRDS is a web-based business data research service from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Access financial, accounting, banking, economics, marketing, and public policy databases. Strengths include deep archives of historical data, a common web interface for access to all WRDS databases, and a variety of output file formats.

Harvard University faculty, students (including MBA students) and researchers:
Request a WRDS account and click on Register (upper right corner of page). Complete registration form.

WRDS accounts are not provided during the summer to MBA students. Authorized Harvard University students may request in-person access for academic use during the summer months. Contact infoservices@hbs.edu.  

NOTE as of 11/18/2022: Over the next few weeks, WRDS is upgrading account security by utilizing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by Duo Security.  How to Log In to WRDS Using WRDS 2FA by Duo 

Use of WRDS is limited to academic and non-commercial research purposes. The right to access licensed databases and copyrighted material on the WRDS system is only for internal or academic research. You may not use data downloaded from WRDS for any commercial endeavor. In addition, you may not reveal, disclose, transfer, or share username and password information with anyone. Additional restrictions apply. See WRDS Terms of Use.


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