About this Database

Complete patent search database with advanced analytics. PatentSight validates and quality-assures patent data, by assigning patents to their accurate commercial owners and verifying their legal validity and remaining lifetime. Identify real world scenarios for acquisition targeting, R&D research, emerging disruptive technologies and more. 

  • Explore the development of global patent portfolios and identify technology trends
  • Benchmark the innovative strengths of companies against their competitors
  • Uncover the most valuable patents in a company’s patent portfolio

Get answers on the most common IP due diligence questions:

  • Does the target company own all relevant patents?
  • Does the target company have a competitive advantage due to its patents?
  • Are there any potential IP risks such as patent cliffs involved?
  • Can the patents of the target company be potentially infringed?
  • Have the patent maintenance fees been paid?
  • What is the remaining lifetime of the patents?

New to PatentSight and patent research? Check out our multimedia learning module, Learn with Baker Library - Patent Analytics - Introduction


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