About this Database

NOTE:  The economic situation has forced us to make changes to our Orbis access.  Orbis data is no longer available on the WRDS platform. 

ORBIS is a global company database, produced by Bureau van Dijk, that is unique in its breadth of geographies and extent of companies covered as well as the availability of private company financial information (depending on the country in which the company is located.) Think of ORBIS when you want to:

• Get extensive data about a company including locations of subsidiaries
• Screen for companies based on geography, financial performance, industry, deals, ownership structure, number of employees, year of incorporation and other criteria
• Compare a company to its competitors along multiple dimensions.

If you require the Orbis/BvD ID Changes Lookup database, click on Orbis/BvD ID Changes Lookup (HBS Only) to get the login information.  Other Harvard University affiliates should contact Baker Library for assistance for access to the ID Changes Lookup database.


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