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Data on board members of S&P500 companies and shareholder proposal data since 1997.

RiskMetrics includes four datasets identified as: Governance, Directors, Voting Results data (only the Vote Results for the S&P 1500 are part of HU subscription), and Shareholder Proposals. The Governance Legacy set, formerly known as the IRRC Takeover Defense database, was an important element in the article: Gompers, Paul A., Andrew Metrick, and Joy L. Ishii, "Corporate Governance and Equity Prices," The Quarterly Journal of Economics 118(1), February 2003.

The Directors Data includes a range of variables related to individual board directors (e.g., name, age, tenure, gender, committee memberships, independence classification, primary employer and title, number of other public company boards serving on, shares owned, etc.). This data collection began in 1996 and is updated annually. The current universe is the S&P 1500 companies, which has continued since 1996, although in earlier years the data was captured for a few hundred additional large-cap companies as well.

Company Vote Results, S&P 1500 Data are available from 1997-2006.

Shareholder Proposal Data (governance and social responsibility) is available from 1997. This includes proposals that came to a vote as well as those that did not (e.g., because they were withdrawn by the proponent or allowed to be omitted from the proxy by the SEC). Variables include the lead filer of the proposal, the meeting date, and outcome; some fields are not complete every year for every company, but the vast majority of meeting dates are present. This data set will be updated each year.

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