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Platform used to analyze financial data from global equity and fixed income markets. Coverage includes data and information on ownership and private equity and venture capital investments. It also includes SharkWatch (formerly SharkRepellent) and Mergerstat data.

To access FactSet:

  • Request an individual FactSet account using an HBS or HU email address (confirmation may take up to 2 weeks). The default version provided is FactSet Web.  If access is required sooner, first contact infoservices@hbs.edu before you create an account. 
    • HBS MBA and Harvard University students - May request FactSet Workstation (with Excel capabilities) please email infoservices@hbs.edu.
    • PhDs/faculty/staff - May select FactSet Web  OR FactSet Workstation. Select "Download" under Workstation to download the client software.
  • Once you receive your confirmation email
    • For Factset Web Access
      • Open a web browser and navigate to https://my.factset.com
      • Click on Register on the right and type in your factset.net ID. You will be emailed a one-time passcode which you will need to set your permanent password.
      • Once logged in, the application will launch directly in your web browser.
    • For FactSet Workstation login at https://launch.factset.com

FactSet Ownership databases (including LionShares) containing global equity ownership data is available via WRDS.

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