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Full details on public company boards and board directors and senior managers from companies around the globe. Networks of directors are mapped out based on time they've spent at the same organizations. The database is updated daily.

BoardEx: Profiles on over 1M Directors & Senior Managers including current compensation data for Disclosed Earners on the FTSE, Stoxx Europe 50, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, DAX and CAC quoted companies. This platform allows for historical individual searching, connections/networking as well as automatic tagged identifiers for Harvard affiliates/alumni.

Connect to advisors, investors, company founders, board members and talent at PE firms, portfolio companies and organizations in the private equity ecosystem.  The Boardex Private Equity Network module contains 950,000 leaders and decision-makers across 1,600,000 private organizations.  This module not available via WRDS.

BoardEx data can be accessed via WRDS. If you are looking for quantitative or historical compensation data use this interface.

If you are looking for qualitative data on individual companies, the BoardEx platform would work best. For an individual account to the BoardEx platform, email Baker Library using Harvard/HBS email. 

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