Overviews and Analysis

Fostering Social Enterprise: A Historical and International Analysis

An article from the Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law, Vol. 20, No. 2, pp. 291-329, 2010

Social Enterprise Journal

Publishes social enterprise research conducted by scholars from a wide range of disciplines.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Journal targets leaders in nonprofit management, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

Governance and Leadership

Conference Board

Reports on key issues in business management and economics, news and analysis of economic topics, and annual surveys for executive compensation and corporate contributions.

CRO: Corporate Responsibility Officer

Trade journal covering business ethics, communications, compliance and governance, environment, socially responsible investing, and other related topics.

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Books published by Boardsource (available at Harvard)

HBS faculty writings on Corporate Responsibility 

Baker's Fast Answer, Where can I find CSR ratings of companies?

Management and Performance

Hauser Institute for Civil Society at the Center for Public Leadership

Working papers, teaching cases, newsletters, and book recommendations. Also, includes links to related resources and an events calendar.

Monitoring and Evaluation NEWS

Specific to international development organizations with a social development focus, this resource provides access to news on measuring and evaluating the performance of an organization.

Urban Institute: Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy

Research and data to inform nonprofit planning and policymaking.

Alliance for Nonprofit Management

A professional association that helps to develop and improve management and governance of nonprofit organizations. The Resource Library has resources on topics such as capacity building, diversity, cultural competency, and business planning.

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA)

Provides links to news, events and resources. The site also includes directories of social enterprise cases, organizations, and speakers.

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

Supports social entrepreneurs through events, research, and work with academic institutions. Free reports are available.

National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)

National Venture Capital Association provides list of venture capital resources, news and statistics.

Social Investing

Global Impact Investing Network

Dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of impact investing, the web site provides research reports, news and job postings related to topics involving impact investing.

Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard University (IRI)

The IRI engages in applied research to promote the generation of long-term wealth, exploring impact investing and the broader relationship of finance to society across asset classes, issue areas, and investor type.

Mission Investors Exchange (MIE)

Membership organization for philanthropic investors.  Website includes reports, guides, articles, research, case studies,, investment policy templates, and conference archives.

US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment

A membership association for professionals, firms, institutions and organizations engaged in socially responsible and sustainable investing. Site includes analysis of trends in socially responsible investing and comparisons of the finanical performance of socially responsible mutual funds.

Strategic Philanthropy

National Center for Charitable Statistics

Includes statistics on the nonprofit sector, a database of nonprofits, and help for nonprofits on filing 990s. Registration is necessary to access the most detailed data.

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Articles, features, and data on donors, charities & foundations, corporate donations and CEO compensation.

Giving USA

Ref. AS 911 .G45 in Stamps Reading Room.
Compendium of statistics on various aspects of American philanthropy.

GuideStar Premium

Information about the missions, programs, and finances of IRS-recognized organizations.