Overviews and Analysis

Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016 - 2020

A compilation of recent articles and data focusing on the entertainment and media industry, includes insight on how new technologies and changes in user behavior are driving shifts within the sectors. Published by PwC & strategy+business.

Plunkett's Entertainment & Media Industry Almanac

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Annual publication with analysis of trends affecting film and video, radio and television, cable and satellite, magazine and books, and online publishing. Provides industry contacts, Web sites, and career information. Available in print and online.

Select “Entertainment & Media” for an industry description, market trends, statistics and market analytics.

S&P Global Market Intelligence

News data and analysis about the finance and media industries, primarily within the United States. Individual account required. Formerly known as SNL Interactive. 

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage

Detailed descriptions of companies, industries, and mutual funds.

Best for broad industry overviews. Covers industry trends, forecasts, major players, market share data, key ratios, and statistics. Click on "Industries" in the top navigation bar, and select “Media” or "Broadcasting, Cable & Satellite"; See the Global Industry Surveys link for the “Media- Europe” report.

Vault Online Career Library

In-depth industry guides including internship information, career advice and user-generated content on companies and career issues. HBS alumni version available via eBaker. 

Primarily used for career research, Vault guides are also a good source for industry overviews. Select “Industries and Professions” to find reports on a range of entertainment industries including film, media & entertainment, music, newspapers & magazines, sports, television, and theater. Reports provide an overview, background, structure and outlook for each industry.


Capital IQ

Data on public and private companies, investment firms, capital transactions, and people. 


Platform used to analyze financial data from global equity and fixed income markets. Individual account required. 

D&B Global Business Browser

Public and private company and industry information including company profiles, news, business and trade articles, analyst reports, executive profiles, industry intelligence, and financial data.  Formerly known as OneSource Global Business Browser.

Thomson ONE

Features market quotes, earnings estimates, financial fundamentals, press releases, transaction data, corporate filings, ownership profiles and research from Thomson Financial.

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Communications Industry Forecast

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Forecast relates historical spending patterns with the key market forces driving industry growth in deriving more than 150 revenue, unit, growth, and market share projections for the media and communications industry.


Market data, statistics, and analysis on the Internet, e-business, online marketing, media, and emerging technologies.

Includes international market information for media usage, music, television and publishing. 

Media specific content covers TV Networks, Broadcasting (radio & TV) and Film and TV Programming.


Circulation data and advertising rates for publications in the United States. Also provides U.S. lifestyle and market demographics.


Statista is a searchable database of statistics, studies, dossiers, infographics and more. HBS alumni version available via eBaker. 

Statista covers a wide range of entertainment/media sectors including Books & Publishing; Music; Radio, TV & Film; and Sports. 

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News and Journals


Keeps music and video retailers, radio programmers, and music fans up to date on what the public is buying.

Broadcasting & Cable

Weekly magazine for the broadcast and cable television, radio, satellite, and interactive multimedia industries.

Business Insider Intelligence

Technology-related news and reports. Individual account required. 

Business Insider Intellgence covers Apps and Platforms, Digital Media, Internet of Things (IoT), Payments/E-Commerce and Fintech. Register for an account and sign up for alerts to learn when new reports and analysis are released.

Hollywood Reporter

Includes film, television, cable, music, interactive media, and home video. Delivers breaking news and solid in-depth stories plus box office grosses, TV ratings, video and music charts, and film and TV production charts.


Covers film, television and cable, home video, music, new media, theater, and finance. Includes Nielsen's television ratings every Tuesday.

Careers, Associations & Events


MBA Career & Professional Development (CPD)

Career resources for HBS MBA students.

Alumni Career & Professional Development (CPD)

Career resources for HBS Alumni.

Vault Online Career Library

In-depth industry guides including internship information, career advice and user-generated content on companies and career issues. HBS alumni version available via eBaker. 

Select "Guides" tab at the top of the Vault launch page. Select "Media and Entertainment" on the left column to browse a wide range of entertainment sector guides including film, music, publishing and television.


Motion Picture Association of America

The MPAA and its counterpart, International MPA , represent producers and distributors of motion pictures. Includes a chronology of recent legislation affecting the motion picture industry, and summary statistics on movie viewing.

National Association of Broadcasters

Features sections on legal and regulatory affairs, science and technology, market information such as a 10-year history of Nielsen and Arbitron diary response rates, and current industry news. Members include representatives of radio and television stations and networks; associate members include producers of equipment and programs.

National Cable & Telecommunications Association

Provides historical background describing the cable television industry and links to cable programmers, associations, and trade magazine sites. Members include franchised cable operators, programmers, and cable networks.

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

Aims to protect intellectual property rights and the First Amendment rights of artists. Includes information on technology, legislation, censorship, piracy, Web licensing, and international trade. The Research and Data section contains market data available in pdf format including "Annual Manufactures' Unit Shipments," "Cost of a CD," (CD production), as well "Annual Consumer Purchasing Trends."


American Film Market & Conferences

Industry leaders come from over 70 countries and include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, and the press.

Film Finance Forum

Created by Winston Baker, the forums are designed to educate equity and debt financiers on the latest trends and strategies for film investing while mitigating risks, provide producers with effective approaches to fundraising, and offer both audiences ways to create great content and generate revenue through various distribution platforms.