Howard E. Cox, MBA 1969


Interview conducted in July 2001

Howard Cox, HBS 1969, started his career in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the summer of 1968 and continued there through 1971. Part of a small team assigned to help extricate the United States from the war in Vietnam, Howard realized his ability to influence decisions within such a large organization was limited. He wanted instead to “build small organizations into larger ones,” so after finishing his service in government, he decided to pursue a career in venture capital. Howard joined Greylock, a private venture capital firm founded in Boston in 1965. He has been actively involved in healthcare, has served on numerous boards, and was a director of the Boston Globe when it was sold to the New York Times for over $1 billion, the largest price ever paid for a newspaper. He recounted his personal history in venture capital in an interview at HBS in July 2001. Interviewer: Amy Blitz, HBS Director of Media Development for Entrepreneurial Management.

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