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Sample Projects

  • Emerging Market Data: Collected historical economic and stock market data for 10 emerging market countries
  • Stock Price Graph: Created a graph of the Asahi Glass stock price indexed to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Index
  • Historical Industry Betas: Calculated and analyzed betas for the US household durable goods industry for 1990-2003
  • Custom Industry Index: Created a custom market value-weighted index for the meat processing industry
  • Tax Practices Database: Built a database and analyzed data on corporate tax avoidance practices for 80 countries
  • Market Share Data: Found 10 years of LCD, camcorder and flat screen TV market share data for Sharp Corp.
  • Major US Company Ownership: Identified major stock ownership of all US companies using SEC data on 5% owners, institutional owners and insiders
  • Historical CEO Tracking: Created a database of 251 new CEOs appointed in 1997 identifying their current firm and position
  • Historical Country Data: Found data for 22 countries from 1950-2000 on #s of TVs, refrigerators and automobiles, as well as population and GDP
  • Non-Profit Data: Compiled data on the size and scope of the non-profit sector in the UK and US, including employment and non-profit finances
  • Crime Data: Gathered violent crime, property crime and motor vehicle theft data for 50 US cities and 12 European countries
  • Source of Quote: Identified the source of a 1971 Milton Friedman quote
  • Case Exhibits: Updated data, graphs and company/industry information exhibits
  • Regular News Updates: Provided weekly news updates on protagonist companies featured in cases for an MBA course
  • Literature Search: Located articles about how business schools are responding to the Enron scandal
  • Contact Kathleen Ryan, or (617) 495-6602

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