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A Web Guide to Photograph CollectionsA Web Guide to Photograph Collections
The photograph collections at Baker Library Historical Collections are an important resource for scholars across many disciplines. Today the photographic collections hold more than 22,000 images of factories, equipment, techniques, processes, and people at work in industrial settings. Researchers will find photographs relating to U.S. industry as well as business operations in Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The Lehman Brothers Collection - Twentieth-Century Business ArchivesThe Lehman Brothers Collection - Twentieth-Century Business Archives
The Lehman Brothers Collection is a major resource for studying business trends through the lens of investment banking. It provides rare access to twentieth-century corporate records pertaining to business transactions, retail development, globalizing markets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate growth, and the reshaping of American business.

Making of the Modern World: Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature 1450-1850
This digital resource, available to HU PIN holders and authorized Baker Library visitors, combines the strengths of two pre-eminent collections—the Kress Collection of Business and Economics at the Baker Library, Harvard Business School and the Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature at the University of London Library—to provide images from 61,000 works of literature on economic and business published from 1450 through 1850. Full-text searching on more than 12 million pages provides researchers unparalleled access to this vast collection of material on commerce, finance, social conditions, politics, trade and transport.

Women, Enterprise and Society: A Guide to Resources in the Business Manuscripts Collection at Baker Library
This Web-based publication identifies materials in the Business Manuscripts Collection that document women's participation in American business and culture from the eighteenth through the twentieth century. Direct links to corresponding Baker Online Catalog records are included with each collection description.

Coin and Conscience: Popular Views of Money, Credit and Speculation
Through four centuries and six countries, from admonishing biblical allegory to scathing political cartoon, the images in the Bleichroeder Collection of prints at Baker Library resound with the same caution: where there is money, there is power, vice, corruption, and misfortune. To view these prints is to trace society's changing attitudes toward money from the Reformation and the Church's injunctions against usury, to the Industrial Revolution, to the emergence of modern capitalism. Visit the Exhibit Web Site for more information as well as a gallery of 70 items from the collection.

Sunk in Lucre's Sordid Charms: South Sea Bubble Resources in the Kress Collection at Baker Library
A complex network of intersecting financial, legal, political, and cultural factors all contributed to the development of the South Sea Bubble, the eventual collapse of the South Sea Company in 1720, and the financial ruin left in its wake. This Web-based guide provides contextual information about the South Sea Bubble, a detailed index of the South Sea Bubble Collection at Baker Library, and links to available digital content.

Women Working, 1800 - 1930
Focusing on women's role in the United States economy, this resource provides access to digitized historical, manuscript, and image resources selected from Harvard University's library and museum collections. The collection features approximately 500,000 digitized pages and images including 7,500 pages of manuscripts, 3,500 books and pamphlets and 1,200 photographs. Baker Library's collections are strongly represented in Trade Catalogs, Photographs and Books, Serials and Pamphlets.

The Human Factor
In the 1930s Harvard Business School colleagues Donald Davenport and Frank Ayres contacted leading businesses and requested photographs for classroom instruction-images Davenport hoped would "reveal the courage, industry and intelligence required of the American working man." They amassed more than 2,100 photographs to study "the human factor," the interaction of worker and machine. Created in the years between the world wars, the Industrial Life Photograph Collection reveals the colliding-and sometimes competing-messages of art and industry, education and public relations, humanity and modernization.

Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930
This web-based collection of selected historical materials from Harvard's libraries, archives, and museums documents voluntary immigration to the US from the signing of the Constitution to the onset of the Great Depression. Concentrating heavily on the 19th century, it includes approximately 1,800 books and pamphlets as well as 6,000 photographs, 200 maps, and 13,000 pages from archival and manuscript collections, including materials from Baker Library's Amoskeag Manufacturing Co. and Scovill Manufacturing Co. records.

ProQuest Historical Annual ReportsProQuest Historical Annual Reports
This resource, available to HU PIN holders and authorized Baker Library visitors, makes companies annual reports from 1844 to the present day available through searchable PDF images. Key data (financial, Fortune 500 ranking, industry classification, key people, geographic location, auditor, and related companies) are indexed in the citation and can be searched. Reports can be browsed by company name, industry or date. Cross-searchable to other historical periodical databases, such as the Historical Wall Street Journal.

Eighteenth Century Collections OnlineEighteenth Century Collections Online
This resource, available only to Harvard ID and HU PIN holders, provides access to digital images of 150,000 books published during the 18th Century in the fields of history, literature, religion, law, fine arts, science and more, including material from the Kress Collection of Business and Economics.

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