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Goldsmiths'-Kress Microfilm Series

The Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature microfilm series, published in 1972, provides microfilm of some 60,000 titles from the Goldsmiths' Library at the University of London and the Kress Collection at Baker Library, Harvard Business School. There is also a small selection of titles from several additional libraries.

Not all of the titles in the Kress Collection are included in the Goldsmiths'-Kress microfilm series. Only a portion of the Kress Collection was filmed when the microfilm series was created in 1972. In addition, there have been substantial new additions to the Kress Collection in the intervening decades.

Not all of the titles in the Goldsmiths'-Kress microfilm series are in the Kress Collection. However, a substantial number of the titles in the microfilm series are available in the Kress Collection. Often the title is available in the Kress Collection even if the copy on film is from another library.

Preceding each title on the film there is a card identifying where the original is located. To clarify whether a title in the Goldsmiths'-Kress microfilm series is available in the Kress Collection, please contact the Historical Collections reference staff.

Accessing the Microfilm

A complete set of the microfilm series is available at Baker Library for use in the Historical Collections Reading Room.

The microfilm series is widely available in many research libraries in the United States and abroad.

Locating Materials on the Microfilm

HOLLIS – Online union catalog for Harvard University.

CD-ROM guide to all titles in the series, excluding serials; available in the Historical Collections Reading Room.

Obtaining Copies from the Microfilm

A limit on the number of printouts obtained from the film may apply.

Onsite Researchers – Copies are $.15 per page.

Remote Researchers – Copies are $.25 per page plus a $5.00 processing fee. Volume and complexity of order may require an additional fee.

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