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New Milestones Executive Education and Doctoral Students

DE 155 00Trade Union Program.

In 1942, Harvard Business School launched the Trade Union Fellowship, a year-long program that brought together labor leaders and their “business counterparts.”11 Many of the labor leaders who participated were women. The program, eventually shortened to thirteen weeks, continued for another twelve years.

DE 169 00Woman attending Executive Education program, 1970s.

The Advanced Management Program, established in the late 1940s, and the Program for Management Development, established in 1960, both offer mid-career training for business professionals. In a 1959 vote, HBS faculty made several significant decisions: to open the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program to women candidates, to allow HRPBA graduates to be admitted to the second year of the MBA program, and to admit women into the Executive Education Program for Management Development (PMD).

In 1967, three women received their DBAs from Harvard Business School. Dr. Edna Homa's thesis was titled The Dynamic Inter-Relationships Among Work, Payment and Capacity, Dr. Anne Jardim's thesis was titled The First Henry Ford: a Study in Personality and Business Leadership, and Dr. Eunice Jensen Lortie's thesis was titled Varieties of Autonomy and Rewards in Work: the Case of the Commercial Artist.

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Jeffrey L. Cruikshank, A Delicate Experiment: The Harvard Business School: 1908-1945 (Boston, Mass: Harvard Business School Press, 1987), p. 141.

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