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Guiding Teaching and Research Members of the Faculty

DE 186Regina E Hertzlinger.

Regina E. Herzlinger, currently the Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration Chair, received her Doctorate in Business Administration from HBS in 1971. Professor Herzlinger was the first woman to receive tenure, in 1984, and the first to chair a department in the School. Her research specialty is health care, particularly the emergence of “consumer-driven health care,” a phrase she coined.

DE 166 00 Henrietta Larson receiving award from Dean Lawrence Fouraker, 1979.

In 1939, Henrietta Larson became the first woman appointed to Harvard Business School faculty. A pioneer in the field of business history, she co-authored the influential History of Standard Oil Company and, in 1961, became the first woman awarded a full professorship at HBS. She is shown here in 1979, accepting the Distinguished Service Award from Dean Lawrence A. Fouraker.

DE 89Elizabeth Burnham Portrait.

Elizabeth A. Burnham was the second woman to join the HBS faculty, becoming assistant professor of business administration in 1945. A specialist in retailing, she taught in the Marketing department. Her works include An Analysis of Operating Data for Small Department Stores (1938–1942) and Expenses and Profits of Limited Price Variety Stores (1945).

DE 180Rita M Rodriquez, ca. 1972.

The third woman to join the HBS faculty, Rita M. Rodriguez, was actually the first to be hired directly as an assistant professor in 1969. Her predecessors, Larson and Burnham, worked as research assistants before being promoted to professorship. Holding a PhD from NYU in economics, Rodriguez taught the International and Corporate Finance course.

DE 188 (1) Claudine Malone teaching in classroom, ca. 1974

An accomplished member of the 1972 MBA class, Claudine B. Malone was the only woman in her class named a Baker Scholar and also received the J. Leslie Rollins Award. She joined the HBS faculty in 1973 as an assistant professor shortly after completing her MBA. She taught the Control course in the first year and the Cost Accounting course in the second year of the MBA program.

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