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Network of Support Family

DE 156 00Tortilla Flats family, ca. 1945.

The number of married Harvard Business School students surged after World War II. At HBS, enrolled veterans taking advantage of special “re-entry” academic programs were often older than civilian students. Many had gotten married before the war, brought home a “war bride,” or married soon after they returned from service.

DE 157 03HBS Annual Report, 1948.

The 1948 Annual Report features scenes from “Tortilla Flats,” a temporary housing development built for married HBS students after World War II.

DE 88Group of MBA wives, ca. 1950.

The Wives Club, founded in 1946, organized lectures, parties, picnics, classes, and other events such as this tea party in 1955.

DE 170 00Neil H. Bordon lecturing to Executive Education wives, ca. 1950.

Women whose husbands were enrolled in executive education programs could attend lectures by distinguished faculty, including Georges F. Doriot and Neil H. Borden (pictured above). Executive wives played a pivotal role in the success of their husbands’ career, hosting social events and forging advantageous relationships.

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