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A working paper summarizes original research in a narrow segment of a field of study, and is intended for publication within a period of one to three years. To find working papers:

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Web Resources

  • EconPapers
    Access to RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), the world's largest collection of on-line economics working papers, journal articles, and software.
  • Federal Reserve Board: Working Papers
    Subjects such as monetary policy, credit, and banking regulations; and empirical research on government debt, bond prices and activity, and economic forecasting models.
  • Federal Trade Commission
    Markets and competition.
  • International Monetary Fund Working Papers
    IMF working papers cover currency issues, international monetary and fiscal policy, debt reduction and relief, and countries such as Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.
  • OECD Economics Working Papers
    OECD's working papers cover a wide range of topics essential for understanding today's world economy, such as agriculture, energy, environment, trade, and labor markets.

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