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Description: IBIS World is a database that provides research reports on industries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and China.

Global industry reports for selected industries are also available. Our access includes superceded reports for U.S. Industries. To find an older report, click on U.S. Industry Archive. Individual reports include analysis of drivers of the industry, industry risk, market data and segments, competitors and industry performance.

Important notices on IBIS World

IBISWorld limits the number of downloads any one user can take at a single session. If this amount is exceeded the downloading capability is cut off for all Harvard users. Please download only what you need and if you need to download more than 25 articles at a sitting, please discuss with Baker Information Services (617-495-6040).

Note: IBISWorld promotes reports on the Web that they either plan to or are willing to write. If someone purchases one of these reports, then IBISWorld will produce the report and include it in our package.

Content Type: Analyst & Research Reports

Subject: Industries, Market Research


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