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Providing key managerial insights from research on assessing and improving working conditions in supply chains.

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Worker assembling components in a factory. (iStock Photo)

Untangling Drivers for Supplier Environmental and Social Responsibility: An Investigation in Philips Lighting’s Chinese Supply Chain

June 2021
By: Verónica Villena, Miriam Wilhelm, Cheng-Yong Xiao

Electronics suppliers in China have fewer environmental and labor violations when they face more regulatory scrutiny or are trained in lean management.

Workers at a garment factory. (Shutterstock)

Can Brands Claim Ignorance? Unauthorized Subcontracting in Apparel Supply Chains

April 2021
By: Felipe Caro, Leonard Lane, Anna Saez de Tejada Cuenca

Unauthorized subcontracting in apparel factories occurs more frequently when previous orders were subcontracted, buyers exert pricing pressure, a brand is not well known, and lead times are longer.

engineer inspector checking inventory (Shutterstock)

Manage the Suppliers That Could Harm Your Brand: Know When to Avoid, Engage, or Drop Them

March-April 2021
By: Jodi Short, Michael W. Toffel

Six factors improve working conditions in global supply chain factories, and six design elements lead to more accurate and comprehensive audits of working conditions.

Workers in garment factory. (Shutterstock)

Political CSR at the Coalface: The Roles and Contradictions of Multinational Corporations in Developing Workplace Dialogue

March 2021
By: Juliane Reinecke, Jimmy Donaghey

Multinational corporations can act as guarantors, enforcers, and capacity-builders when it comes to the implementation of worker participation committees in their supplier factories.

Labor worker producing clothes in garment factory. (Shutterstock)

Working Conditions and Factory Survival: Evidence from Better Factories Cambodia

February 2021
By: Raymond Robertson, Drusilla Brown, Rajeev Dehejia

This study finds no evidence that improving compensation and health & safety heightens risk of plant closure – and that improving compensation may actually increase plant survival.

Business suit with green leaf. (Shutterstock)

How Transparency into Internal and External Responsibility Initiatives Influences Consumer Choice

February 2021
By: Ryan W. Buell, Basak Kalkanci

Providing transparency to reveal a company’s internal social/environmental responsibility practices can increase sales more so than providing transparency about its external responsibility initiatives.


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