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Companies : East India Company (8)

Armour, James, fl. 1702-1722. Proposals for restoring credit: for making the Bank of England more useful and profitable, for relieving the sufferers of the South-Sea Company, for the benefit of that of the East-India, and for raising the value of the land-interest of Great Britain (London: [s.n.], printed in the year 1721).

Calculation of the new scheme for the disposing of the South Sea property: wherein is shewn what dividend the South-Sea Company can make on the old foot (London: Printed by S. Palmer, for J. Roberts near the Oxford Arms in Warwick-lane, A. Dodd, without Temple-bar, T. Griffith, at Charing-Cross, and J. Billingsley, at the printing-press under the piazza of the Royal-Exchange, [1721?]).

Considerations recommending to the proprietors of South-Sea stock, the proposals for ingrafting part of that company's funds into the stock of the bank, and East-India Companies (London: Printed for A. Moore, near St. Paul's, 1722).

Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731. Chimera: or, The French way of paying national debts, laid open. Being an impartial account of the proceedings in France, for raising a paper credit, and settling the Mississippi stock ( London: Printed for T. Warner, 1720).

Great Britain. Act for better securing the monies and effects of the suitors of the Court of Chancery; and to prevent the counterfeiting of East-India bonds, and indorsements thereon; as likewise indorsements on South-Sea bonds (London: Printed by John Baskett, printer to the King's most excellent Majesty; and Thomas Morris, assignee to George Hills, 1726).

Great Britain. Act to enable the South-Sea Company to ingraft part of their capital stock and fund into the stock and fund of the Bank of England, and another part thereof into the stock and fund of the East-India Company (London: Printed by John Baskett, printer to the Kings most excellent Majesty, and by the assigns of Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, deceas'd, 1721).

Great Britain. Act to enable the South Sea Company, with the licence and consent of the East India Company, to take in negroes within their limits of trade, and to deliver the same at Buenos Ayres (London: Printed by John Baskett ... and Thomas Norris, assignee to George Hills, 1727).


Letter to the author of the London journal: containing objections against the present scheme, to empower the three great companies to take in part of the publick debts ( London: Printed and sold by A. Dodd, without Temple-Bar, 1721).